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May is Mental Health Awareness Month


Did you know Reiki can help if you are struggling with mental health issues? Studies have shown that Reiki IS an effective therapy for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Changes in Self-Esteem, Improved Mood, Increases in Positive Emotions and Improved Emotional Regulation. Reiki helps the body get into a deep relaxing state where it promotes healing.

Distant Reiki works too. Studies have also shown that distant/remote Reiki works just as well as in-person Reiki. With distant Reiki, the client remains in the comfort of their own home where they are able to be undisturbed and relax more deeply while the practitioner connects and sends the energy.

Through May 31 I am offering $15 off a one hour Reiki Healing session for Mental Health Awareness. Why not give it a try? Just click the Book now button below and be sure to use the Promo Code - MentalHealth - at checkout.

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