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My Recommended Favorite Businesses

This is a list of favorite businesses that I recommend.  There is nothing better than supporting small businesses and spreading the word and works of such fabulous people.  I am happy to be able to call everyone of the businesses and people here friends.   There is something to learn from, services to book, purchases to make (for all of your needs) and great music to listen to in each and everyone of these fabulous people.  Check out their sites and see for yourself.  

P.S. Check back often as I will add to this list of awesomeness!  :-)


Dr. Timothy Hertzberg- Board certified Naturopathic doctor.   If you're looking for a natural way to heal and live, Dr. Tim is your person.  You really can't find a more genuine,  caring, compassionate person to guide you along your journey of healing naturally.  He is super affordable and an added plus - HE LISTENS!  How many times have you tried to talk to a doctor or healthcare professional and found you were talking to a wall?  You will not get that here. Dr Tim is the best of the best.    Click the photo on the left to visit his website, and learn about him and what he offers.  


JESSICA SERA - AT ROCKS AND DROPS - - Jessica is a fabulous intuitive reader and intuitive jewelry creator, teacher and speaker and healer.  Jessica is real and authentic.  Her readings are accurate and spot on and her delivery of messages is to the point, spot on and fun.  If you are fortunate enough to cross her path, receive a reading by her, attend a class or obtain a piece of her custom, personalized jewelry you'll understand why fabulous doesn't do her justice.  You can find Jessica  and her creations by clicking her photo on the left.  Check out her site and see everything she has to offer. 


THE CRONE AND THE WISE CAT - If you are looking for a great reading by a real authentic Medium, Jacquie is your person.  She not only provides mediumship and psychic readings, she offers tea leaf readings, palm readings and tarot readings, Her online store  also offers home and business cleansings as well as her own handmade awesome candles and more.  Her candles are not only fabulous and work, they smell great.  By far my favorite candles and just wait until you see how they are titled.  LOL - love them.   She is true, authentic and just plain great! Click the photo on the left to be taken to her website and check out what she offers.


VANESSA HOGLE - Best selling author, artist, psychic medium, tarot reader. She is also a beautiful jewelry designer.  Vanessa is a beautiful soul and super approachable.  Down to earth and tells it like it is. Her readings are spot on,  straight to the point and she makes them fun.    A whole lot of love and compassion goes into her work.  Click her photo on the left to check out everything she offers.  One of my favorite authentic people.


DG TRANSFORMATION WELLNESS - Derrick, according to his website description is a Reiki Master & Teacher, Intuitive Psychic Healer, Holistic Life Coach, certified hypnotist, certified transpersonal hypnotherapist AND teaches Quantum Healing therapy,  but he is more than that.  He is a strong, caring, compassionate person. He puts himself out there to help anyone and everyone. He offers fabulous services to help you heal and transform.  Check out his webpage and services by clicking his photo on the left.  


PFillery: Sustainable Living Market - This little market is one of my favorite online places to shop.  I love the fact that I can shop for so much of my skin and household items from one place that I can trust.  The prices are great and they have fabulous products for natural, chemical free living.  Everything from household items to personal care items.  AND - bulk items, plus free shipping on orders over $30.  Check this website out by clicking the photo on the left.


STANDING STONES HEALING - Christian of Standing Stones Healing is a Reiki Master, card reader runes reader, Life Coach and so much more.  He is the kind of person you are comfortable with from the second you meet him, like you have known him forever.  Click his photo on the left to visit his website and the services he offers and click the link below to check out his Youtube page.



MASSAGE MICHIGAN, LLC - Looking for a fabulous massage?  Check out Massage Michigan by clicking the photo on the left and see the different types of massage she offers. Kelly is absolutely marvelous.  She is a kind, compassionate and caring person.  When you are on her table her focus is you and only you.  She listens and provides the best for you and your specific needs.  Kelly is very experienced and passionate about her work, and you'll love her.  Click the photo on the left to check out her website and see what she offers.


CARL GUNDERSON YOGA - Is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, and well,  an all around great guy.  Click his photo on the left for more information and days and times to his yoga classes.  I have also included a link below to his Facebook page.  



SIMPLY AUTHENTIC - Ellen is a certified Ayurveda Specialist, certified Yoga Instructor and Mu-xing therapy.  Ellen is always expanding her expertise and growing.  Click her photo on the left to check out her website and find out more.  She is a fabulous person that can help is so many ways.


ZACH THE REIKI GUY - Zach is another awesome musician. But, he is not only a musician.  He is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and sound healer.  He plays and creates music with the Native American Flute that is just simply beautiful.  So soothing and great for Reiki and meditation.  Check out his music, you'll love it.  Click the photo on the left to be taken to his Youtube page and click the link below to visit his spotify page.



FRED WESTRA - Fred is an awesome musician.  His music is so soothing.  Great for meditation, Reiki, Yoga. He is one of the musicians I listen to often.  If you click the photo on the left you will be taken to his Youtube page.  And I have listed links below to his spotify and apple music pages.  You won't be sorry.


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